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What is Georgia EMC?

Georgia Electric Membership Corporation is a statewide trade association that serves the state’s 41 electric cooperatives, Oglethorpe Power, Georgia Transmission Corporation, and Georgia System Operations Corporation.

How can I find out where power is provided by an electric co-op?

You can use this interactive map to search by area or county. You can also contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide that information.

What is Customer Choice?

Many large power users establishing new facilities qualify for Customer Choice, a one-time opportunity to choose their electric supplier. Established by state law, it allows customers located outside municipal limits with 900 kW connected load or greater to select the power provider they believe will best meet their needs.

What is a GRAD site?

GRAD stands for the Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development program. GRAD pre-qualified sites can fast-track construction because they meet due diligence standards, are reviewed by a third party, and earn final approval from a board of economic development professionals.

How can you help me bring new business to my community?

Our Community Development team provides consulting and training to help communities identify opportunities and market their area to businesses and site selectors. Contact us to learn more.

How do you work with companies and site selectors?

Our Economic Development team provides one point of contact from start to finish, with insights into locations across the state. We also help companies identify incentives, find and train talent, and cut through red tape. Contact us to get started.

Where can I get help marketing my property to businesses?

Our Site Development team can provide a variety of services including aerial photography, mapping and modeling. Many of these services are free. Contact us to see how we can help.

How can I get a particular store or restaurant to come to my community?

Our Community Development team and Retail Services expert can help you understand which retailers and restaurants may be a good fit for you community, then help you develop your pitch and make contact.

How much do your services and training for communities cost?

Most of our work is provided free of charge, thanks to the support of Georgia’s electric cooperatives. Contact us to get started!

Who do I contact to get started on my project or to learn more?

We have a dedicated team from specialized backgrounds to ensure your needs and questions are met. Please find reach out to a team member and we will get started.

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