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Choice in your power provider is your competitive advantage. Georgia provides the power to choose

We know a company’s power supplier is a critical element for success. In Georgia, many large power users establishing new facilities will qualify for Customer Choice, a one-time opportunity to choose their electric supplier.

An electric cooperative is a strong choice as your power provider. Owned by their customers, co-ops put the needs of their customers first and provide the level of service companies require.

Because co-ops are not-for-profit organizations, they operate with different goals than publicly traded utilities, focused solely on providing safe, reliable  electricity at an affordable price.

Georgia’s electric cooperatives are invested in technology, such as automated switching schemes, that provide power redundancy and give members peace of mind. Georgia’s electric cooperatives are serving many of the state’s leading companies and largest power consumers.

Georgia’s EMCs operate the largest miles of distribution lines in the United States, serving 4.4 million Georgians and 73% of Georgia’s land area.


How Customer Choice Works

This unique advantage for companies was created by the Georgia Territorial Electric Service Act of 1973, which assigns exclusive power support areas across the state. Georgia’s 41 EMCs are allocated 71% of the state’s land area. Members with loads of 900 kW or greater, however, qualify for a one-time choice of a power provider.

Companies eligible for Customer Choice may choose a supplier located:

One supplier's service line (below 120,000 volts) crossing another supplier's assigned area creates “corridor rights.”

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